Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Does your business know who it is?

There are two kinds of businesses.

The ones who know who they are.

Who know who their consumers are.

What it is about their offering those consumers like.

Why they like those things.

Where they need to go in the future to succeed.

And how to get there.

They know these things intrinsically. Deeply. Inately.

These are businesses with a clear mission, purpose and values.

Being lead from the top.

By people with a singular vision.

Who are able to communicate in a compelling way, to those who work for them, why they should bother to turn up every day.

Then there’re the other kind of businesses.

The ones who aren’t so sure who they are.

Where different members of the organisation, when asked, offer up different versions of its mission.

Where people aren’t quite sure why they’re all working there, over and above the cash.

And where codes of conduct are murky enough to allow politics to seep into the fabric of the place.

Their lack of a clear, shared vision leads them to look outside their own walls for answers to profound questions.

Like what people think is good about them.

How people think they should behave.

What people think they should believe in.

Why people like their product.

These are the ones who keep the research companies going.

The businesses who don’t know who they are spend time, money and energy searching for solutions to their own problems.

Whilst the ones who do know who they are can focus on searching for problems their customers would love solutions for.

They’re the ones who innovate.

And they’re the ones people love.

Consumers and employees alike.

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